From Cash Splash to WowPot
From Cash Splash to WowPot

The WowPot jackpot as we know it burst onto the scene in 2020, joining Mega Moolah as one of Microgaming’s biggest jackpots. But you may not know about its history and the dynasty from which it has come, a dynasty so large that it has now paid out more than €1.2 billion to date. 

So, join us for the tale of the WowPot.

The lineage of the WowPot jackpot is illustrious, hailing from industry giants and record-setters. The WowPot jackpot is part of Microgaming’s much famed and favoured progressive jackpot network. Microgaming released the industry’s first area-wide progressive jackpot slot back in 1998. The slot was called Cash Splash and it paved the way for a host of new games and jackpots, including an earlier version of WowPot! 

Cash Splash 

Following the release of Cash Splash, a series of progressive titles debuted before the arrival of the record-breaking Mega Moolah slot in 2006, a title synonymous with huge jackpot wins. The Mega Moolah game and jackpot have only grown in popularity and continues to pay out some of the largest jackpots the industry has ever known. Titles were and continue to be added to the Mega Moolah jackpot, paying out huge wins. 

Flash forward to 2020. 

Microgaming launched a completely revamped version of the WowPot jackpot in February, featuring a new logo, brand new game (with more to come), and an incredible starting seed of €2 million. The first game to be released featuring the jackpot was Wheel of Wishes, developed by Alchemy Gaming.  

Set against the sands of Arabia, Wheel of Wishes has heaps of new features, including Power Mode and Power Spins, wherein landing a giant jackpot wheel grants players entrance to the jackpot bonus and the chance to win the WowPot millions! 

The rest of 2020 will see further titles released featuring the WowPot jackpot. Not only will this provide a variety of unique playing experiences, but it can also translate to a faster-growing jackpot! And while new games playing to the WowPot jackpot forge their own followers, fans of the world’s first area-wide progressive jackpot are still playing Cash Splash to this day, highlighting the enduring popularity and playability of Microgaming jackpot games.